Lifestyle Organizing – A New Way to Think

January, for most people, is the time of year that sparks the fire for change…

While it may be called “New Year`s Resolutions”; full of hope, anticipation, and excitement that our lives will be forever changed-it is anything but that. Usually, the momentum fades in a month or two. For some, all their dreams and goals will have to wait until the next New Year comes around to try again. Others will wonder why they failed (yet again) and may give it another try by approaching their goals the same way and not seeing real change.

What if you changed the way you think about CHANGE in your life? What if you set goals and a plan for life change that you could implement NOT just in January, but all year long and succeed?

Definition of Lifestyle Organizing

Lifestyle Organizing is a progressive plan of organizing your mind, home, and life around who you are and the way you live or want to live.

It is a road map of your life which means you follow a path to reach your goals. The destinations on your map are momentary in the big picture of your life and should be viewed accordingly. This means once you reach a destination (goal), you move on to the next one. Can you be working on more than one goal at a time? Absolutely! However, you must be realistic; just like any goal or dream, it will require some work. This is a life-long process. It requires patience, and a steadfast mind and heart-but the benefits and rewards you will reap will amaze you.

Don`t worry about being perfect. Strive for the overall result. Allow yourself to mess up. Live and learn is a great motto!

Is this starting to sound different than New Year`s Resolutions?

The difference between New Year`s Resolutions and Lifestyle Organizing

1. New Year`s Resolutions are too commercialized. It`s all hype; everyone (just about) makes them…jump on board, it`s the thing to do, and the pressure builds so you sputter out your big goals for the year. Contrast that to Lifestyle Organizing, which is a very personal decision about you and the changes you want to make. These changes/goals are Unique to You and are intentional.

2. With New Year`s Resolutions, the excitement is temporary. Whereas with Lifestyle Organizing, the excitement is lasting and momentum builds as each goal is reached giving you peace and joy.

3. New Year`s Resolutions are usually made “off the cuff”–meaning that no real thought, examination or careful realistic planning went into stating your goals for the year. (Some people do want real change but feel that their goals are too big and get discouraged.) Compare this with Lifestyle Organizing, which is a state of resolve. It is a well thought-out process of examining your life and making a realistic plan with achievable goals. There is Hope. Maintaining a positive attitude and celebrating even the smallest of goals accomplished is a must. YOU CAN DO IT!

Topics covered in this series

Over the next few weeks, I will discuss several topics that I hope will inspire the change you are looking for in 2010.

Here`s a list of topics for this Lifestyle Organizing series:

  • Guidelines for Lifestyle Organizing
  • Discovering Your “Life” Style
  • Discovering Your Challenges
  • The Plan: Putting It All Together

Note: I know there are people that make New Year`s Resolutions and do quite well with accomplishing the goals they set for themselves. If you are one of the exceptions, then right now you are beginning another year of success! Congratulations!

Until next time…Happy Organizing!

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